Being a Teacher is NOT More Important than Being a Mom
November 8, 2012
Being a Teacher is NOT More Important than Being a Mom

Hi Dr. Laura,

I about chocked on my lunch listening to the conversation you had with a young teacher who had her 3-year-old daughter incarcerated in day care 40 hours a week. So many times I have heard those same lame excuses given by other non-involved parents, mostly in counseling sessions of their - now teenagers, who have gone AWOL because of lack of parenting.

I can share my expert opinion as a mom of four sons (in their 20's now).  While we "stay at home moms" may have loved some of our children's teachers, we also shook our heads in disgust at those same teachers. That other people's kids and their own "feelings" of importance was worth the sacrifice of the child they are suppose to love and protect...not to mention the pity we felt for their kids. This is not what I would call admiration.

The female caller's self-affirmation is way off base and sadly mistaken, such a waste of her one opportunity to do something truly important.

God bless you and your gift for sharing the truth with others Dr. Laura! (Whether or not they want to hear it.)


Posted by Staff at 12:53 PM