You've Got The Ammunition To Make His Night
February 27, 2017
You've Got The Ammunition To Make His Night

Dear Dr. Laura,

I wrote you an email about 12 years ago and you read it on the air. My kids were little. I was a frazzled, sloppy, overtired wife without anything left for the man of my dreams. Something you said to a caller jarred me, and scared me. I was happily married, but I wasn't showing it to my hubby. I made a commitment to follow your advice and become my husband's girlfriend.

Before he got home from work one night, I cleaned the house, had the kids bathed and dressed for bed. Then I took my time to get myself ready. I wore sparkling earrings, khakis and tight, white t-shirt. I came downstairs and greeted him warmly when he got home. He was perplexed. He kept asking me if I were going out for the evening. No, I replied back every time, and I continued to serve him dinner and ask about his day. The results were very positive. It was genius! Thank you.

Fast forward to today. We've been married 17 years. I'm dressed, primped and I'm his "date" even if we just stay in. The tight white t-shirt still has a part to play...because that's what girlfriends wear!

Thank you for your work, Dr. Laura. I hope other wives heed the warning--you're tired, he's tired, we're all tired. But, you've got an arsenal at your disposal: lip gloss, mascara and a tight white t-shirt. Put them on and make his night.



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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM