Daddy's Advice to Live By
June 10, 2013
Daddy's Advice to Live By

Daddy died on Labor Day 3 years ago. He was a man of short statute but he was bigger than life with a booming voice. Mama and Daddy had a blessed surprise ten years after my middle sister was born; that was me. They were determined to raise me differently than my other 2 siblings who are 11 months apart. (Honestly, my Daddy wished and thought I was the boy he always wanted.) He was hard on all of us, but an extra dose of it went to me. I didn't understand as a child, but I surely understand his methods now.

He left me with: "Always standup for something; never be lukewarm in anything. If you picked the right thing to standup for, then it will be shown to you."

This has served me well in life. Due to this, my integrity in life made me respectful of others. It certainly helped my husband and me in raising our 2 daughters who say they are grateful for the way they were raised.

Thank you, Daddy.

From a grateful daughter,


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