Facing Facts
January 9, 2019
Facing Facts

Dear Dr. Laura:

About five years ago, I looked in the mirror and what I saw sickened me.  Instead of seeing the slender woman I had been, I saw a person who was so fat, it was gross.  I realized right then I needed to stop with the excuses I had told myself to justify my getting so overweight.  

I started moving more and eating less.  After a very long time of sticking to my guns, I am finally that slender woman I never thought I would see again.  In all, I lost over 150 pounds.  At 5 foot 8 inches, I carry the weight well, but no one looks good at almost 300 pounds.  

The weight wasn't just about looks.  I was extremely sad because I let myself become so unhealthy.  I couldn't play with my two boys.  I thought I was a complete embarrassment.  I was on blood pressure medication and more.  I am so lucky that my husband was never mean and was only supportive as I went on this journey.  He said he figured I would work it out, so he saw no point in telling me I needed to lose weight because he knew I already knew that.  I am now so much happier.  I can play with my kids, I'm off the meds, and I love looking better for my amazing husband.  

Thank you for all the encouragement and support you gave me without even knowing it!


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