Anti-Aging Secrets to Slow Down the Clock
April 29, 2013
Anti-Aging Secrets to Slow Down the Clock
By Lionel Bissoon, D.O.

Staying on the wellness wagon every day for most of us is challenging. Feeling or looking our best doesn't necessarily translate into big bucks, though you'll arguably perform better everywhere - in the workplace, at the gym, in your love life, etc. - if you exude total health. In the ongoing battle to stay fit, there are wellness weapons that will help turn back time from top to bottom. If there is a fountain of youth, these tips can help lead you there. Here are six simple (and affordable) steps to self-improvement.

  1. Set Goals. Success in life is rarely an accidental event. We all know success requires commitment and follow-through. One of the things I have noticed after seeing hundreds of clients worldwide is that when it comes to goal setting, once people achieve their target, they often aim even higher for further improvement. It just takes focus to begin the process and once it begins, success follows naturally as a result.

  2. Delve into Shellfish. We all welcome the holidays and weekends with food and drink. You can still indulge and not have to feel so guilty - especially if you add oysters to the menu. Oysters are touted as an aphrodisiac because they are rich in zinc. This mineral blocks the aromatase enzyme, which keeps estrogen levels low and testosterone high. Alcohol can stimulate the production of the enzyme in the liver and lipogenesis (fat production), but zinc will counteract belly fat.

  3. Get Moving. Aim to exercise 20 to 25 minutes every other day (at the very minimum). Whenever possible, walk instead of driving, take the stairs instead of using elevators, and if you are a couch potato, work out while watching TV. Commercial breaks air for about two to three minutes. Consider taking this time to get some exercise instead of snacking. The goal is to simply move as often as possible throughout the day.

  4. Chew Your (Organic) Food. We live in such a fast-paced society where even eating has to be done quickly. I recommend you take your time while eating, and chew your food until it feels like a paste in your mouth, especially with meat. Chewing helps mechanically break up food and stimulates saliva production for lubrication. Within saliva, there are digestive enzymes to predigest the food. Thus, once it arrives in the stomach, the digestive juices of the stomach will facilitate the digestive process to enhance optimal absorption of nutrients.

  5. Find Your pH Balance. In medical circles, the stomach is called the "second brain" because our innards are wired with neural tissue and neurotransmitters. I refer to it as "the gateway to healthy aging." We are constantly bombarded with information about antacids for heartburn and indigestion, but in reality, the presence of stomach acid is very critical for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Too much acid will destroy the food in the stomach along with all the nutrition, and conversely, too little acid will allow food to go undigested into the intestines. If you experience tummy troubles, big or small, I recommend a Heidelberg pH test to assess what is going on inside.

  6. Shiver in the Shower. Remember that before every home in America had hot water, only the rich took warm showers! From jump-starting your metabolism to instantly improving your mood, cold showers have numerous benefits that outweigh the chilling proposition. A cold shower is very invigorating - it will wake you up quickly, keep your energy up and decrease fatigue throughout the day. Studies have shown that a daily cold shower will boost the immune system, decrease elevated leptin levels (associated with obesity), increase circulation, improve fertility, enhance libido, and promote weight loss. A chilly wash will produce a response called shivering thermogenesis, which helps burn calories.

Dr. Lionel Bissoon, D.O. is the author of The Cellulite Cure, and is a highly skilled physician with a wide range of medical knowledge. In the late 1990s, after studying Mesotherapy with renowned practitioners in Paris, Dr. Lionel Bissoon introduced Mesotherapy to the United States. Dr. Bissoon has been a featured guest on many television talks shows, including the ABC 20/20, Dr. Oz Show, Rachel Ray Show, Good Morning America, and more. Dr. Bissoon has expanded his practice to include anti-aging medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition, weight loss, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and regenerative medicine for improving health, vitality and wellness. He focuses on preventive medicine and alternative treatment programs to provide long-term sustainable healthy and very tangible results for his patients. For more information, visit  Permission granted for use on

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