I Found The Strength To Do The Right Thing
January 12, 2017
I Found The Strength To Do The Right Thing

Dr. Laura:

I ran away from my unpredictable and hurtful parents at 14 and was taken in by my current family.  I called you at the time, and you told me to minimize contact with destructive people.

Over the last year, I've done just that, but not without pushback.  My parents play blame games, silent treatment games and more.  They refuse to acknowledge my hurt and their responsibility for it.  Then yesterday, I finally did what I've heard you suggest to many callers - I blocked them from my phone.  I decided that enough was enough and I wasn't going to be made to feel guilty for protecting myself.

The last year has been incredibly difficult and I'm still not out of it yet.  But thank you for giving me the strength to do the right thing for myself, my husband and my kids.  I listen to you every day and it gives me clarity and strength to continue to do the right thing.  It's tough, but when I hear you telling people to do it anyway, I know that I can too!


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM