Men Are Not Complicated
May 23, 2018
Men Are Not Complicated

Recently, I got a text from my husband that said he would be home in a few minutes and wouldn't mind finding me naked in bed!  My first thought was "Oh, no!  I have so much to do before the kids get out of school.  I don't want to mess up my makeup and hair, and I just wasn't 'in the mood.'"  

Well, YOUR voice popped into my head, and I thought this would be the perfect way to show affection, love, put his needs ahead of mine and be his girlfriend.  He came home to me in bed waiting for him.  He was so nice, thoughtful and helpful for the rest of the day.  He dealt with the kids, so I could sit down and eat my dinner in peace.  He talked with me instead of just sitting in his chair with his cell phone open.  To top it all off, he gave me the best backrub ever that night.

Your advice is so true.  Men are not complicated.  You give them some attention, love, and meet their needs, and they will do anything for you!  We will be married 20 years in June, and I intend to still be my husband's girlfriend for many years to come.


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