Children, Parents, Lollipops: Tales of Pediatrics
November 25, 2014
Children, Parents, Lollipops: Tales of Pediatrics

Written By: Vladimir A. Tsesis
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

From the Press Release
Book Description:
"Children universally take it for granted that their parents love them and will never abandon them. Children need not only food, water, and shelter but also a loving family to provide these things to them. Dealing with a child not only as a patient but also as a person helps a pediatrician become a part of the flowing river of life with its constant stories, the content and complexity of which are many times more fantastic and thrilling than the most sophisticated science-fiction novel."'  (from Children, Parents, Lollipops: Tales of Pediatrics)

This is a poignant look at the life of a primary care doctor, who has lovely stories to tell and rejoices in the telling.  Oh, to have such a doctor ministering to every family with small children'. With his wisdom, Dr. Tsesis gives new meaning to the cliché  'good medicine.’

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