Tiny Flirtations Make Big Impact
August 30, 2019
Tiny Flirtations Make Big Impact

I try to practice being my husband's girlfriend every day.  We have two daughters (ages two and eight months), and sometimes it is hard for us to connect after the girls are in bed.  He had been having a particularly hard week at work recently, so I sent him a text, which said:

"Baby, how close are you to being home?"

He texted back:

"I'm going to leave in a little while.  What's up?"

I'm sure he expected me to ask him to stop at the store to grab something or to tell him about something we needed to do when he got home.  Instead, I sent this message:

"Dang!  I was hoping you were close.  I was going to set the girls up with a movie and a snack and meet you in the bedroom."

Not 30 seconds passed before he replied:

"I'm leaving now."

I know that after a long, hard day at work, it takes a tiny act of flirtatiousness to get him in a great mood for us at home.  He is my hero and I'm glad to be his wife.  Thank you for inspiring me to be my kids' mom and my husband's girlfriend.


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