Whitney TV Show
October 5, 2011
Whitney TV Show

Dear Dr. Laura,

Last night I turned on the TV to see the pilot of the new show "Whitney" on NBC. Some of the previews showed it would be perhaps a perkier Mary Tyler Moore type. But the first scene showed Whitney and her boyfriend naked in the shower. I quickly flipped to another station.

A little bit later I went back to see if anything had improved - wrong it was far, far worse. As Whitney's boyfriend was talking to his friend that he and Whitney had broken up, the friend was scornful he would even care- "What, you like having the same VAGINA every night?" As I quickly turned off the set, I was so disgusted.  This is what we've come to in America, women are just interchangeable vaginas????

It makes me sick to think of the children watching garbage like this.


Posted by Staff at 12:56 PM