The Perfect Valentine
February 14, 2012
The Perfect Valentine

My mother sent the perfect Valentine to me, my brother and sisters today. To understand the "story", you need to know her father (my grandfather) was killed in a chemical plant explosion; her husband (my father) was then also in a chemical plant explosion 29 years later. My parents recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. I am too far away to share the chocolate pie she mentions with them tonight, but my husband and I will celebrate with a chocolate pie of our own!! - Ellen

Here is what she wrote:


It was 50 years ago today Dad was in the explosion at Dow. He was not home by 6 PM so I sat you girls down (Paul, you were there, in utero) and I fed you your hamburgers. It is still very clear in my mind. The call came at 6:05 that Dad was on his way to the Dow Medical building, but he was sitting up in the ambulance. I do not know who I got to come stay with you when I went. They kept him at the Dow facility because they were doing a new treatment by not covering the burns and they were afraid he would get an infection at the hospital. Now this is the standard treatment for burns.

Every Valentine's Day I am thankful he got such good care. My father died of his burns in April 1933. Of course Dad's were not as horrible as my Dad's were. But I still thank God and the doctors for his recovery.

I will have a chocolate pie today and if you have time, stop over this evening before 10 PM and share some with us.

Lots of Love, MOM"

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