Court Is In Session
February 5, 2019
Court Is In Session

I am a proud full-time mom of two energetic and happy boys.  About two years ago, they got into a yelling match, each escalating so they could get my attention and get the other in trouble.  I had a quick idea and just went with it.

I surprised them by saying "Okay, court is now in session.  The honorable judge Mama presiding."  That stopped them in their tracks.  I had one stand to my left and the other to my right, explaining that the one doing the finger pointing was the prosecutor and the other the defendant.  They stood straight up and were suddenly quiet.  I said the prosecutor was to state his case with no interruptions from the defendant, and then the defendant would have his turn to tell his side of the story.  If there was any interruption, I would give one warning, and after that, the interruptor would be held in contempt.

This tactic worked remarkably well.  By the time they were done stating their cases they understood what they were accusing each other of, and they also understood the other side of the story.  Both boys were able to apologize to each other because they realized they both contributed to the argument.  They both walked away having learned a good lesson.

Now when I say "Court!!" they each get into position and prepare to explain without hurtful words and yelling.  I thought you might like to hear my crazy way of getting rid of useless yelling between my boys.  Thank you for your influence in the way our boys are raised and everything you stand for.


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