Feeling Sad For Kids
January 26, 2012
Feeling Sad For Kids

Hello Dr. Laura,

About two years ago I quit my beloved job to stay home and raise my kids. Between you and my husband nagging me, I finally gave in! It has been the best decision I ever made.  I wanted to call a girlfriend to tell one of them the following story, but realized all of my friends are working moms...

This evening, a little before 6:00, I told my husband I was going to the market to get some fruit for lunches tomorrow. As I passed my sons' school, I saw parents running in to get their kids who were in the after-school program. I thought about my two boys who have been home for hours – they’ve had a snack, their homework is done, they’ve practiced karate and they’re now in their bedroom laughing hysterically. I felt an incredible sadness for those other kids being picked up a couple hours before bedtime.

That's really all I had to say...just made me sad.



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