GI Bill Education
November 22, 2011
GI Bill Education

Dear Dr. Laura:

I couldn't listen that day, but noticed from your email you were commenting on Columbia University's recruitment of veterans as students. Two weeks ago, I started a new job at a prominent private university in southern California that also recruits veterans. As a VA Benefits Administrator, I am daily impressed by the quality of young men and women who are choosing undergrad or graduate education here. We are considered a "Yellow Ribbon" school, which means if a vet qualifies for 100% benefits with the VA, they will never pay a dime in tuition, even though our rates are well above the $17,500 cap allowed. Under our agreement with the VA, the difference is split between Veterans Affairs and the University. I am so honored to be able to assist these quality individuals who have so valiantly served our country.
Thanks for being such a vocal advocate for them!

Blessings to you,


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