Getting His Mom to Like You
April 23, 2019
Getting His Mom to Like You

Hello Dr. Laura, 

My mother-in-law and I have a wonderful relationship. We built it over many years and continue to do so. I believe it takes two to make it work in any relationship and this one is certainly no exception. My MIL and I both: 

  1. Try to understand and accept each other, especially where our differences lie 

  2. Always remember we both ADORE the man who brought us together 

  3. Never complain to each other about that man who brought us together 

  4. Look for common ground, like the other people we both love my children / her grandchildren, my father-in-law / her husband, my in-laws / her siblings and other children, and their kids, etc. 

  5. Take the time to check in with each other once in awhile and ask about the other's well-being, latest pursuits, etc.--in other words, make a concerted effort to maintain the wonderfulness.

But I don't believe it would work if we were not BOTH engaged in these efforts... 

Best wishes, 


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