Cherishing Motherhood
April 24, 2018
Cherishing Motherhood

Dear Dr. Laura,

I can remember adults around me asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I gave the usual answers for a girl of six: a ballerina, a doctor, and a lawyer. Then around 12, I realized what I really wanted was to be a Mom. I have an awesome Mom! When I would mention this to people, the usual response was, "Well, that's not a career." or "No, I meant your job." I stuck to my guns though and insisted a Mom was all I wanted to be.

I met and married my awesome husband in my 20s and after two years of marriage, we decided we had gotten our communication established enough that we could take on children. It took us seven years to have our daughter, through various trials and methods (all natural). I was so happy when she came that I would cry with joy every time I changed her diapers. I was changing my daughter's diapers. My husband and I figured we'd have one and be done, so we were very surprised when I was pregnant with our son.

We have lost one since then, but I remain the happiest wife and mama on the planet.  Thank you for your continued voice of reason in this culture that still looks down on the SAHM. This is one girl who was glad to grow up and be the best wife and mama I could be.

Mrs. C.

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