Fat is a Fact
October 9, 2012
Fat is a Fact

A listener, Pat, heard my commentary yesterday regarding the overweight anchorwoman in Wisconsin and sent me an email which you can read below.  Here is my response:

I frankly have no clue as to the point you wish to make.  Fat is a fact: of health, appearance, and economics via medical issues.  Two-thirds of Americans are fat or obese - fact.  Obviously, very few of two-thirds of all Americans are fat due to some rare medical condition.  The vast majority are fat because they eat more calories than they work off.  Fit people live longer and spend less of their later years suffering from various ailments which statistically can be avoided by being fit - which is not only a measure of weight...but muscle tone and endurance - fact. 

Yes, Pat, it is worth a judgment.  I am 65 and work hard at being fit.  I talk about it on air quite often, you're right.  And except for your letter, I get responses that tell me it is an inspiration to those younger.  Skinny is not healthy; fat is not healthy.  I admire folks who put in the effort to take care of their health...and fat/obese is a measure of health.  You appear to be absorbed by "feelings"; feelings don't change facts. 

Thank you for taking the time to respond - I do appreciate a dialogue...it gives me the opportunity to clarify my positions. 


Dr. Laura

Pat's email:

On my drive home yesterday, I listened to The Dr. Laura Program as I do most days, much to my surprise, horror and shock at the miss informed Dr. Laura......She discussed facts about the news lady that received a very sad letter or email from a gentleman who felt she was a poor role model as she was fat, not as Dr. Laura reported just that she was fat and may I say the news lady responded not at all as Dr. Laura reported.  She felt her size did not make her a poor role model to her girls and others, also that he did not know her so he should not judge her.  Not at all as reported about just her being FAT. 

Now according to Dr. Laura, all the fat people will want to sue and complain, well I also am 64 and I am in as good a shape as Dr. Laura claims to be on a constant basis and I feel very good about myself but do not feel the constant need to tell all how wonderfully fit I am, I am telling you this as I am not a fat person complaining.  My whole point to this is Dr. Laura should not judge on size and she should have reported exactly what happened not what she heard other people debating.  No one is perfect and for this one time I know that Dr. Laura was wrong...  Also Dr. Laura should not have went on about her size, as she has told many viewers she is not a Physician, so she is not really sure if the news lady is as fat as she claimed.  To me and many others who are not fat, she was way out of line.  It seems unimportant to her who listens and I do many times agree with her, but she is wrong and I really do not know if I will tune in again... Shame on her....

Posted by Staff at 7:56 AM