Someone Still Gives a Damn
April 21, 2014
Someone Still Gives a Damn

Hello Dr. Laura,

I just wanted to let you know that a statement you made this week empowered me to visit my elderly father with renewed love and dedication. My mother died about five years ago and I have been overseeing my father's care since then. I am the only child.

Dad lives in a care facility and has dementia. The deterioration of his personality has presented such a challenge for me to cope with, and has amounted to being the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Anyway, as I was listening to your program this week, I heard you say to a caller that when she visits her elderly parent, it communicates to that parent "…that someone gives a damn." Thank you for that clear comment, Dr. Laura, because I needed to hear that.

Today when I went to visit my Dad, all I could think about were your words, and how I am one of the last people at this point who are visiting him. I felt new strength running through my limbs and heart as I sat there with him, and as I was doing whatever I could to have a conversation with him. No matter what cognitive impairment has seized Dad's brain, his eyes and soul can still sense that I care and "give a damn." And that is the point of my visits now that I realize how critical they are.

I continue to love listening to your show.  By the way, you and I both have a 20-something adult child getting married this summer! Congratulations.


Posted by Staff at 11:29 AM