Between Now & Dead
October 18, 2017
Between Now & Dead

Dr. Laura,

Have been listening to you for 30+ years and have always lived by your "do the right thing" motto/mantra in all of what life throws at me. I also love, love, love the "what do you want "between now and dead" line! I have recently been dealing with a recurrent brain tumor. I have lost my sight and I remind myself daily what do I want on this day, just in case it is my last.

So thank you for all of your wisdom, your witticisms, and your constant dedication to all of us regular people. I do have a shot at a clinical trial in another city and have been weighing the options of moving after being where I live now for 26 years. So what do I want between now and dead is the first thing in my head every morning upon awakening. You are right there in my ear not screaming, just a nice nag! 

Thank you for being always on my shoulder pushing me ever so gently. 

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM