What Would Dr. Laura Do?
May 15, 2018
What Would Dr. Laura Do?

Dr. Laura:

For the last few years, I have been a faithful listener and learned a lot from your wisdom.  I chose wisely, and my wife and I treat each other very kindly.  A while back, I found myself almost wishing I had a serious dilemma or major life problem so that I would have the excuse to call you and talk to you.  Then I had one - a question regarding how to handle something with my mother.

After playing the "what would Dr. Laura do?" game in my head, however, I realized that if I were to call you, all you would have had to tell me was "Just ask her."  That's when it really hit me - the most valuable lesson you've taught me is the importance of communication.  Most of the problems life throws at us can be handled by asking the right people the right question in the right way:  respectfully, honestly, and with genuine concern for the answer.

So, thank you for continuing to emphasize the importance of communication, not just with our spouses, but with everyone in our lives, as it helps stop problems before they start.


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