A Reminder To Always Choose Wisely And Treat Kindly
August 11, 2017
A Reminder To Always Choose Wisely And Treat Kindly

Dr. Laura:

I lost my husband earlier this year, after a marriage of 25 years, filled with family and our love for each other.  He was a Navy Captain for 30 years and was an honorable, brave, intelligent and loving man.  I was his caretaker for the last few years and did it all with love because he treated me like his queen.

After he died, I remembered your words about friends and family.  I also remembered your advising that giving to others and having a purposeful life alleviates the grief.  I've followed your advice and am grateful for your guidance. 

The week before I took my husband's ashes to Arlington, I was going through some items in my jewelry box.  In an inside pocket, I found an unopened letter with my name on the envelope in my husband's handwriting.  It was a letter from him expressing his love for me.  I cried and laughed all day.  Laughter was one of the gifts he gave me.

I have a void in my heart that will never be filled, but I am at peace.  I want the wives and girlfriends who listen to you to know that your words are very true - choose wisely, treat kindly, and hold his hand, because someday it might not be there to hold.  Thank you for giving me strength and being a friend when I needed one.
Sending my love,




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