Thankful For Dr. Laura
April 1, 2019
Thankful For Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura,

I just want to tell you how much you have impacted my life. Here are just a couple of recent examples, of the affect that Dr. Laura has had on my family.

  • My husband and son were discussing couples one day. My son looked at his dad and said, "Look, Dad, must couples don't have the type of relationship that you and mom have. You enjoy each others company and do activities together."

  • This past Saturday, I spent the whole day with my (maybe) future daughter-in-law. I thought to myself, "What am I going to say to this young lady?" Then I thought of your wisdom. Ask her questions, show that you are interested in her! It was such a delightful day, way beyond my expectations. 
You have impacted my life so much, I am so grateful to have found you!


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM