Teaching Manners to Children
January 23, 2013
Teaching Manners to Children
Regarding your Stay at Home - Parenting article: Playing Manners Scenarios with Kids… 

I just wanted to relay my thankfulness to parents in today's world who take the time to teach manners. This reminded me of a recent Christmas shopping story I have. During a trip to the local specialty market, while at their perfume and essential oils section, there was a father with his two sons picking out a Christmas gift for their mother. He was sooo patient and playful with them: kneeling down at their level the entire time, trying different scents with them, making sure they had a real hand in their choices for her. It was so cute, encouraging and moving for me to see the attention he gave to them and the great lessons he was teaching.  This is not something you see much these days. I waited until it seemed they were almost done and told him how wonderful I thought it was that he was doing this with them for their mother. He thanked me and said he enjoys it. I responded that it's clear they did too and the lesson of respect for their mother he was teaching them was very inspiring.


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