The Power of a Female
August 6, 2018
The Power of a Female

All I could do was laugh and think of your book, “Woman Power”. My son has a Weimaraner (a female named Bella) who visits his tenant’s Basset (a male named Jake) who alas is on a chain while Bella is free to roam.

They were playing with a tennis ball and mostly Jake was chasing Bella to get it.  She got distracted and dropped the ball so dear Jake stole it and returned to his outdoors cushion with it. Bella tried to grab it, but Jake wouldn’t let it go. After a few minutes, Bella decided she would try another tactic and headed to the edge of where Jake’s chain reached and decided to drop a little piddle over there… Guess what the typical male Jake did???? Dropped the ball and went to investigate. Bella the very wise female ran over, grabbed the ball and merrily on her way! 

If I hadn’t been standing there I wouldn’t have believed it… I will never look at this female doggie the same way again!



Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM