It Took Me Awhile to Be Proud
December 3, 2012
It Took Me Awhile to Be Proud

Dr. Laura,

When I first started staying home it was hard for me emotionally. I knew there was nowhere else in the world I wanted to be, but I still felt like I wasn't contributing since I no longer had a paycheck. I went to the library and checked out your book, "In Praise of Stay at Home Moms." As I'm sure you know, you are in the minority. Your book was wedged between books on how to have it all as a parent by working. Your book, my husband's support and my 20+ years of listening to your show have given me the strength and confidence to be proud of my status.

I recently signed up for an online service where I am paired with mom groups. I did it in search of other moms who would want to support each other emotionally and for play dates. Today I received an invite for a group titled "Working Moms". Here is the first sentence of their blurb: "Despite the juggling act required to hold down a job and care for children, moms who work are healthier and happier once they overcome the guilt of being away from their children by maximizing their after-hours and weekend activities with their kids."

Needless to say this is not the group for me! I am appalled at the lies these moms are telling themselves. Thank you for being there to build me up even when my personal email is not safe from this malarkey.

I occasionally like to pity myself when I have not had a chance to use the bathroom in private, or a toddler is using crayons on my floor, or I have not had an adult conversation for 8 hours. Then I smack my forehead and remind myself I am home when my daughter learns a new word, I have time and energy to put a home-cooked meal on the table EVERY night, and when my husband desires affection I am NEVER too tired. (Okay, I was too tired once.) Then I throw my kid in the car and drive around so she can nap and I can have some alone time listening to you on the radio. I may even go to a drive-through and treat myself to an iced tea if I am feeling really wild!

Thanks again for supporting me in my quest to have a long lasting joyful marriage, raise children who will grow up to do positive things with their lives and to always be their mom!


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