Thank you, From Me AND My Husband
July 25, 2016
Thank you, From Me AND My Husband


You are a constant topic in our Army household. Recently, I was on the back porch reading, and I was really into this good book.  My husband came out and asked me if I would meet him in our bedroom for some "quality time."  I began to make excuses so I could continue to read, and that's when he said "I'm going to tell Dr. Laura on you!"I laughed, closed the book and said "I'll be right there, honey!"

We had a fun-filled couple of hours because I got off my selfish little butt and made sure my man was happy.  He thinks it's great that he now has you to go to bat for him, but he won't have to invoke you any longer, because I learned from that little episode that when my man needs me, I'm going to be there for him without a moment's hesitation.I thought I was doing a good job being his girlfriend, but apparently I needed a bit of a wake-up call.

My husband also wanted me to thank you for all the hard work you do and continue to do to help Operation Family Fund.   He knows what the VA is like and said to tell you how much he respects you for helping his fellow soldiers.  He feels better knowing that people like you still care and have their backs.  Thank you for always being helpful to me, whether you know it or not!


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