She's Getting It!!
January 31, 2012
She's Getting It!!

I want to start this email off by telling you thank you.

At Christmas, my husband and I wanted to get his daughter and her husband a gift which would keep on giving.. So we got them both their own copies of "Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. Knowing this is a new marriage and they had been married before. He has two kids and now they have a new baby. SHE IS A STAY AT HOME MOM. That is love all the way. She has a good man who loves her and she loves him also. 

And she is getting it. It's her place to take care of him and in return, he will take care of her. If she is happy then he is happy. And she just wants him happy by putting him and the baby first and foremost and she will do all that she can to make that happen. She can see just what it is I feel for her father and why I spoil him rotten. He is a great man and I love and respect him for all that he does so we can have what we do. He is my friend and my lover, partner and my soul mate - And a great husband. I just wanted to say thank you thank you. You help us mothers, wives, girlfriends put our best foot forward.

Keep it up.

Posted by Staff at 3:11 PM