The Keeper Test
May 20, 2019
The Keeper Test

My husband and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  Recently, I asked him why he thought our marriage was so successful.  Being the quick wit, he said "I knew you would be the one when you slid across the seat of my old pickup truck on a cold winter night to open the locked door on my side before I could even get the key in the lock."  He said he learned that "keeper test" from the movie "A Bronx Tale," and had tried it out on two other women who he thought might be good possibilities, but I was the only one who made the effort that day, and I continue to make the extra effort EVERY day.

As a long-time listener, I've used your wisdom with much success.  Most importantly, I remember you saying that love is a verb.  I could not believe how small actions like a simple shoulder rub or bringing him a cold glass of water on a hot day would make such a difference.  The other important thing I remember from you is before I walk in the door after a bad day, I always ask myself "would I want to come home to me?"  The result of this attitude is a husband who continues to spoil me with little extras, such as cooking me a special meal just "because," or cleaning the windows.  We always make sure we share a cup of coffee in the morning and talk about our challenges for the day.  

So, to those women who think that the birthday or Valentine's Day flowers or jewelry are what make a marriage, how mistaken they are.  I have that shiny jewelry too, but I much prefer to look at a beautiful sunrise through those squeaky-clean kitchen windows!



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