Making A Work Of Art Out Of My Life
March 6, 2019
Making A Work Of Art Out Of My Life

I'm getting married this weekend, and I'm sending you this email I have had drafted in my head for years!  Our dad walked out on our family when I was young.  My mother worked while we were at school and made sure to always be there for us, at whatever cost.  She never missed one recital, one bedtime, or one dinner at home.  She made it work against all odds.  So, as a typical young idiotic woman, I ignored all those wonderful qualities and focused solely on the "sperm donor" father I had lost.  I got angry and spent the better part of my 20s trying to break men's hearts so I could walk away with the upper hand for a change.  Of course, this only left me lonelier, sadder, and less lovable.  

And then I found you.  I spent a month rolling my eyes at everything you said and being completely offended by your opinions, yet I kept coming back.  And then, incredibly, I realized my sad excuse of a life was my own fault!  I was hateful and had no reason to be.  I called up a lot of people and gave sincere apologies.  I called my mother and begged her forgiveness, promising to do better.  I read everything of yours I could find, I listened to your show religiously and proved to myself that I had finally become a woman I was proud to be - the ultimate revenge for my father.  

Then I met a handsome man I couldn't resist.  He championed stay-at-home moms; he was open and communicative and way out of my league.  I treated him like gold.  That was four years ago.  I have never felt so secure, cherished and content in my life.  When people ask us our secret, I tell them it's all thanks to you, and choosing wisely and treating kindly.  You opened my eyes and gave me the encouragement I needed to become what next week will be the best wife who ever lived.  You saved my life and helped me make it a work of art.


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