Recognizing The Struggle
December 4, 2012
Recognizing The Struggle

Hi Dr. Laura,

We spoke a few weeks back regarding my wife's mother who hasn't spoken to us since last Christmas because she didn't like the way we split our time up. I mentioned to you I was worried my wife would slip back into old habits and call her mother. You suggested I buy my wife a small trinket and tell her how grateful I was that she was protecting our family.

I bought her an engraved Christmas ornament and she was so happy I recognized her struggle and she said she was so happy to make our family a united front. I secretly felt like a heel not thinking of it on my own, but thanks to you, she thinks I did!

Since all of that, our middle son celebrated his 18th birthday, and my wife's family never even acknowledged it. This definitely opened my wife's eyes to her mother's actual character and value system.

Thanks again for your sneaky plan - it worked wonderfully, and I came out looking like a hero.  Have a great holiday season - I know we will!


(Don't feel like a heel. You called for an idea and chose to take my advice.  You didn't have to.  So you should not feel like a heel because you didn't think of it on your own.  - Dr. Laura)

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