Doing the Right Thing for Your Kids
November 1, 2019
Doing the Right Thing for Your Kids

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.   I wanted to share with you the moment in our lives when we reached that fork in the road that led us to persevere and reach this milestone.  About 33 years ago, our children were quite young, and we seriously considered separating.  I was miserable and overwhelmed, wanting to escape my adult responsibilities.  My husband was having similar thoughts.  As we silently sat on opposite sides of the couch, I thought "This isn't me!  What has happened to you?"  And I thought of our children sleeping peacefully in their beds.  I looked at my husband and said "how will this affect our children?  They trust us!"  As miserable as I am, it's nothing compared to the pain and suffering our children will endure if we fail.  Their whole concept of love, commitment and marriage will be forever altered if we do this. 

We called a marriage and family counselor the next day.  It was rough going at times, but ultimately, it was the beginning of a new start and a new understanding of what was expected of each other to be successful as husband and wife.  Thank YOU, Dr. Laura, too, for teaching us the true grit it takes to persevere and do the right thing for our children.  And, by the way, our kids have blessed us with eight grandchildren.  The dignity and grace they show in facing life's challenges are the blessings my husband and I share in knowing we made the right choice by working through our own difficulties and coming out the other side stronger, stable and more loving toward each other.  Continue the good fight!


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