Addicted To 'Doing The Right Thing'
December 8, 2015
Addicted To 'Doing The Right Thing'

Dr. Laura:

I have a serious addiction.  It has, at times, gotten in the way of my getting things done and has my husband expressing his concern.  Some days I find myself starting up in the morning and binging all day until my husband gets home from work.  Once I start, it's really hard to stop.  The other day, my husband asked "Are you still listening to that podcast?"

Every day when he gets home, he asks me "How's Dr. Laura doing today?"  I love your show and one of the best things I've ever gifted myself with was a subscription to your podcast.  I grew up listening to you with my dad, so your show is more than just great advice, but a reminder of the wonderful memories my dad and I shared listening to you.  

You've been a powerful influence on my life, and you've taught me how to be a good spouse, mother, daughter and friend.  Thank you for being my Jiminy Cricket, and teaching me how to let my conscience be my guide!


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM