Never Too Old to Learn Something New
May 29, 2012
Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Dear Dr. Laura,

I'm writing to tell you I think you are a wonderful role model, and I'm not talking about professionally this time! I mean you are always learning something new! THIS is the key to happiness and what keeps us feeling young and alive. It's not about the money or the power or anything like that... it's about the excitement of trying something new. THIS is the lesson I want to teach my own teenagers as they move closer to adulthood.

I just went back to school to pursue a new career (I'm 45 and my Dad thinks I'm crazy!). I think I'm still young and I love to learn. And this career is in the medical field so I can help people. I used to be an art teacher and a professional designer/illustrator. I'm still some of those things, but I'm following my love of anatomy/physiology (something my parents didn't support when I was in High School) and am going for it! I'm also learning kayaking, cross-country skiing, counted cross-stitch, Photoshop for illustrations, Pilates... it never stops!

You don't have to sit around and watch other people do things on tv. You can get out there and learn something new yourself! When you start looking at the possibilities you'll find lots of people teaching classes (and a lot of times they are free!), great books at the library and even some outdoor adventures in places where you live. You are never too old to learn!

Thanks Dr. Laura for being such a wonderful public role model for people!


Posted by Staff at 1:01 PM