People You Should Never Marry
June 25, 2018
People You Should Never Marry

If people are desperate, they believe things about themselves that aren’t true.  They may believe that they are fat, ugly, stupid, and unloveable. When people are in this state, they can make weird choices.  That’s the desperation part, and you need to have a list to help you avoid making poor choices or making excuses for these choices.  Here are some traits to look for to let you know that these are not people you should marry: 

  1. Abusive - someone who makes sure there is always tension

  2. Argues About Something - someone who can’t express emotions outside of arguing

  3. Lies - someone constantly lying about things big or small

  4. Impulsive - someone who does things without thought or makes unplanned purchases

  5. Breaks Promises

  6. A Million Excuses - someone who isn’t accountable

  7. Narrow Minded

  8. Always Has to Be Right

  9. Clingy - someone who has a lot insecurities

  10. Won’t Listen to Your Views

  11. Hates Your Family

  12. Has Bad Habits - Smoking or chewing tobacco

  13. Hates Animals

If you feel drained or just generally worse being around these people, then they’re a bad choice for you. If you know you’re doing something wrong, then consider getting sterilized. I’m good with people doing stupid things that only impact themselves, but if you bring children into these situations, that’s wrong.

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