Stop Making Excuses!
July 30, 2013
Stop Making Excuses!


Dear Dr. Laura, 

I wanted to commend you on your comments to a person who called in recently. I didn't hear the whole call, but basically it sounded like there was an office weight-loss program going on and she was struggling. You told her to just quit whining and eat less and move more. 

I was listening in my car so I couldn't really rejoice or celebrate your words, but I was just beaming! I have worked in the fitness industry for 25+ years and have heard all the excuses. I have even worked in military fitness and you would be surprised at the amount of our military who are "unfit" and expect our government to keep paying their salaries even though they can't pass a simple PT test. I train and educate people everyday about eating healthy, unprocessed food and moving a little bit and they continue to say the usual: "I don't have time. I don't like vegetables. I don't like this or that…" STOP!!! I, like you, exercise several times a week, hard, have a full life with two active teenagers, a wonderful husband and a dog.  I have managed my weight with healthy eating and exercise my whole life. And even with drama and stress, I do not allow that to stop me from being healthy for me or my family. 

People need to stop crying about it and move on. I now understand that weight loss is a "head game". It isn't about the donut or cookies, it is about people feeling sorry for themselves and making excuses. It drives me insane. So much so that now, I just "get real" with people and tell them to stop making excuses. We can set goals, I can write workouts, but the bottom line is if they aren't willing to stop with the excuses it won't work. So thank you, Dr. Laura, for your continued tough love approach to exercise and healthy eating! I think you rock - now go do some pushups! 


Posted by Staff at 1:11 PM