Hello and Goodbye
April 25, 2013
Hello and Goodbye
Dear Dr. Laura, 

The hardest goodbye I've ever had to say was in November 2011. My son was born prematurely and didn't survive. I said hello and goodbye to him all in the same day. All the special moments and memories I thought we would have a lifetime to create were suddenly gone in an instant. He was supposed to bury me in my old age, but instead I buried him. 

Handing his tiny body back to the nurse crushed me. Driving home from the hospital several days later, empty-handed, was the hardest thing I've ever done. 

His birth and death have changed me forever. 

I'm still learning to live without him, but I'm discovering all the ways his brief existence has impacted my life. I'm fortunate to have two living children -- two wonderful daughters – and I know (and they do too) how lucky I am to have them. 


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