Holding MEN in High Esteem
January 5, 2011
Holding MEN in High Esteem

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel.  By the way, this is Butch, he's a puppy, he's a Rhodesian ridgeback and he's just a sweet love and I don't know...he's having his salad.  And, this is Bebe (you already know Bebe "The Wonder Dog")...[talking to Bebe] give mommy kisses, yes. [kisses dog]  It's so cute, it's like having little kids.  [I'm] waiting forever to have my son get married and make me grandbabies.  These are my substitutes.
Okay, I'm here to answer your questions.  This is from Sandy: 

"I heard you use the phrase 'being a male, not a man'.  What is the difference and does age play into it, especially for men who are 45 and older?  [Laughs]  [Especially for men who are 45 and older?]
I figure if a guy hasn't jelled into a man by age 40, it probably isn't going to happen.  But, what I'm referring to is... I hold the concept of a man in such high esteem.  It's somebody who is introspective and honorable and brave and instinctive of doing the right thing and willing to stand up for the right thing and willing to fight for the right thing and willing to protect the innocent and the weak and just all the noble things you could ever say.  A guy or a male is strictly sort of immature, impulsive, animal driven and won't necessarily put himself out for what is right and righteous.
So, I have a big difference in my mind...so when a woman calls and says--  for example, yesterday on the air, they were at HIS mother and father's house and the father, who evidently acts like this a lot, they were all arguing, the sons were arguing politics with the dad and it got pretty heated as it does. [Motions to Butch] [Yes, are we bothering you?]  And the mother came in to try to quell everything down because it's Thanksgiving and the dad stood up and screamed at her viciously and shoved her.  And, I said, "What did your husband (her son) do?"  "Nothing."  That's not a man.  A man would have stood up, gotten in between mom and dad, told dad to back off and he would have protected his mother.  He was a male who didn't want to mess with daddy.  And would rather see his mother abused than take any grief from dad.  That's a male.  A man would have stood up.
It's real clear in my mind and I hold a real man in high esteem.  And you women should only marry one of those, and they come in all ages.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and from Butch and Bebe, bye.
Holding Men in High Esteem

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