Guys Need Applause Too
May 31, 2017
Guys Need Applause Too
Dear Dr. Laura,

The worst way to compliment a guy is to have deliver this encouragement "Great, you scored better than you ever have on your golf game" with guilt ridden undertones.

Women don't like to be left out. Let's face it, even if we were all for our man to go golfing for a day or a hunting trip for a weekend, it is sometimes hard to be home alone.  But you can't make him feel guilty in your comments when he returns.  If he is a good man, works and helps you, then when he comes back from his outing you should support him no matter how your plans went (good or bad) or how crazy the kids made you while he was gone. He listens to you and your world, so make it a goal to listen to his outing and interests.
My husband plays Dungeons & Dragons, so I have to listen to the monsters he fought and plot lines too long for my ADD mind. I don't even care much for D&D or the 10 hours it takes to play, but he is writing a fantasy book and I am loving reading that.

A good marriage takes work. Guys need to understand you need 30 minutes a day for him to just listen so you can get everything out.  And girls need to remember their men need guy time and be excited when he comes home and applaud his achievements no matter what they are. Don't tell him how your weekend got messed up and you had to fix the sink. Let him have his moment. It helps him feel relaxed and appreciated which leads him to start thinking of all you do for him and what he can do for you.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM