He Made Me Better
July 22, 2015
He Made Me Better

I met my husband while I was serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa. What most attracted me to him was how genuinely kind he was to everyone. He has a way of making people around him feel important! I watched how he treated and respected his parents and those who were older. He carried himself with confidence and is ALWAYS ready with a smile. He will literally take the shirt off his back if you need one. 

When I was getting ready to finish my service, I knew I had to make a decision, leave this most wonderful man I'd ever met behind as he was a native of the country I was serving in and most likely never see him again, or place him permanently in my life. I knew the first option was not EVEN an option. 

Dr. Laura, I knew I wanted him to be in my life because he helped me be better. We have been happily married now for almost 8 years with 2 kind-hearted boys. Thank you for reminding me every day to live my life with him so that he will be happy to come home every day to me and happy he married me! 

Your faithful listener and my children's mom and husband's girlfriend, 


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