I've Learned So Much from My Spouse
July 12, 2012
I've Learned So Much from My Spouse

My spouse's best quality is his internal compass. Not a North-South type of compass, but the kind that always points him to the right decision and keeps him on an eternally even keel. His ability to examine a situation, weigh all options and inputs, and come up with the correct response always leaves me in awe...and he can do all of this in an instant!

He challenges me to become a better person. He has already changed me for the better! Thanks to his influence, I've reduced the amount of drama I attach to situations, have become a better listener, and even begun to think critically about purchases. I'm still learning from him, and I make mistakes, but I'm glad he doesn't hold them against me. I can only hope that he learns as much from me as I do from him.

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