Our Endless Slumber Party
April 28, 2020
Our Endless Slumber Party

I credit you with much of the reason I'm able to take sheltering in place in more stride than other people I've encountered. I was a working mother who foolishly waited until my kid was almost a year old before finally hearing you and quitting my job to stay home with her. It was the best decision ever. That was more than twenty years ago.

Since then, and specifically during those first years as a stay-at-home mommy, I learned to love my home and staying inside. I take pride in cooking and baking and even cleaning. I have a loving husband and being in the house with him day in and day out isn't a chore. We call it our "endless slumber party."  Since I chose wisely and treat kindly, it's easy to be with him this much. I don't micromanage him, even when he wants to mix the light grey dirty laundry in with the whites.  I've grown to love him even more as I watch him complete tasks that benefit the both of us. He's also becoming a heck of a saxophone player now that he practices every night. 

I am working out by teaching online classes and have done so daily for three weeks, a consistency I didn't adhere to pre-COVID.  I listen to callers who have talked about giving service in times of need, so I have done this in quiet ways where I can, and it makes me feel so much better.  I am more in touch with family and friends than I've been in recent years too.

Love you pre-COVID, during COVID, and post-COVID,


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