Caving In to Their Demands
October 18, 2011
Caving In to Their Demands

Hello, Dr. Laura,

I am an avid listener and have been for many many years. I believe I am a better wife, mother, and person because of you and your advice and outlook on doing the right thing.

I have two children who have NEVER been to day care. They are 10 and 7. Even though there was a period of time when my husband was laid off from work when my children were young, and I had to go back to work, we have always thought it best to raise our own children. My husband and I always made it our priority to have one of us at home with them.

So as you can tell, I am not an advocate of day care! I think that as parents we owe it to our children (and ourselves) to raise our own children!

While I was working from home this morning, I received an email from a group of moms. It's an email/website that offers moms the chance to post ideas/dilemmas/etc. and let others offer up their suggestions/answers. Well today's question was from a mom who has a child who cried when she dropped him off on his first and second days of day care (imagine that!!). She said "He was fine all day until it was lunch time and then he cried for his mommy. Today, was a different story. He made sure I wasn't gonna leave him-no matter what I said!!! I can't stand to see him cry the way that he did!"

Dr. Laura - I almost threw up my lunch reading the comments left for this mother! Others were telling her, don't worry he'll get used to it, it's normal, etc. One woman actually said, "Parents who linger with their children are "caving in" to their demands." CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???????

I don't even know where to start other than to tell you to keep on fighting the good fight of encouraging moms and dads to do their part and raise their own children!! Having children requires lots of sacrifices and the first ones may have to be giving up some of life's luxuries to stay home and be with our kids! No wonder our world is turning into the kind of place where I'm afraid my children, who I'm raising to be kind, responsible, respectful human beings are the minority!!

Keep up the good fight, Dr. Laura and remember you do make a difference!!!
Thank you for all you do to make us better parents and as a result, make our children better people, and this world a better place.



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