You Sound Like Dr. Laura
May 9, 2017
You Sound Like Dr. Laura

Yesterday, I ran across a Facebook page who shared a post that mentioned some things wives do which annoy their husbands, of course encouraging them not to do them. Naturally, the comments included both agreement and the always to be expected: "What about the wives? What about me? It goes both ways?"

I couldn't hold back because that kind of attitude makes me want to scream. I wrote a lengthy rant of a comment endorsing the post and admonishing the women who can never just listen to anything about what men need without asking what's in it for them.

Responses to my own comment were positive, but one was simply, "You sound like Dr. Laura." And it struck me that I don't know if the person meant it sarcastically or as a compliment, but however it was intended; I'm taking it as positive because women need to hear this stuff often and everywhere.

I don't have an audience like yours, but I do what I can in my little corner of the world because the truth is the truth like it or lump it!

Keep up the good fight!

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM