Our Little Secret
January 24, 2020
Our Little Secret

My husband and I have been married for 31 years.  My husband is not always easy to live with, nor am I, but I subscribe to your philosophy about the "proper care and feeding of husbands," and when I focus on it and him, his best side always shines through.  A few months ago, he sent me flowers (there was no occasion) with the note "I love you because you are who you are!"  Just today, he sent me flowers again (also not a special occasion), and his note said "Come rain or come shine, I love you today as much as when we first met."

I posted a photo of the flowers on Facebook and tagged him, so all his friends would see it.  In my caption I said that the flowers were "a surprise from my adoring and adorable husband."  Shortly thereafter, one of my Facebook friends, an older and long-married gentleman, posted in reply "You have to acknowledge your queen!"  I just smiled a very big smile.

I cannot thank you enough for the boost your philosophy gives to my marriage every time I need it.  My husband has no idea I listen to you or that I'm following your guidance.  Let's keep it our little secret!

Thank you!


Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM