Peace Of Mind
December 17, 2019
Peace Of Mind

My sister had a baby 3 weeks before I had my baby. She went back to work full-time when her baby was 3 months old. My mom takes care of the child until my sister comes home at 6. She also cooks and cleans for her.  When I was pregnant, my mom said she was also going to care of my baby so I could work. She said I had to work. I finally confronted her when my baby was about 7 months and told her, I wasn't going back to work. She didn't even want to listen to me. Everyone around me thinks I'm not doing the right thing and my parents should raise my baby. But it's not happening.

So, all I say to myself when others try to put me down is, I'm his mom and I have complete peace of mind. I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. I have a master's degree and consider myself smarter than women who choose to spend their day with strangers.

If I feel insecure, all I have to do is kiss my son, hug him harder, and play with him more. I kiss his little baby toes and watch his smile. I take him to the park with our dog, sing to him, and breastfeed him. Life couldn't be more blessed for me.

I also make an effort to feel good by wearing nice clothes -- even short heels. I love my life and most people eventually say I'm doing the right thing, but really, I owe it all to you for your support


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