There Are Blessings Every Where In Life
June 23, 2016
There Are Blessings Every Where In Life

Hello Dr. Laura,

I have come a long way since my grandson was born. He will be six in September. My daughter married a man and they have a son who has inherited a genetic disease that her in-laws never mentioned. I have come a long way with the anger and resentment I held towards her in-laws. All I could do was focus on my grandsons well-being and trying to be supportive of my daughter and her marriage.

I find your show so helpful to me. Without family to uplift me, it's always great to hear your voice of wisdom to help me keep going forward while keeping sane as I struggle with acceptance in this situation. This little guy has taught me so much, mostly that there are blessings in everything that happens in life; if we can keep positive enough to look for them.

Thank you for your daily words of wisdom and strength.

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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM