A Random Act of Kindness
July 25, 2013
A Random Act of Kindness


Dear Dr. Laura

While in Las Vegas at a hotel slot tournament, there was a couple sitting together playing.  The wife suddenly became ill.  She jumped up and started to walk/run to the ladies' room with Diarrhea running out of her white walking shorts onto the carpet. As the kids say OMG....

Well, she ran by me a nurse and I took off running behind her. She locked herself in a stall and I came in yelling, "Where are you?" In a low scared voice she said, "Are you looking for the poop lady?"  I laughed and said, "YES!"  I told her I was a nurse and that I would stay with her until she was cleaned up and dressed in new clothes.

I sent my daughter to get her husband.  My daughter returned without him, relaying the message, "She'll have to wait until I'm done playing."  That turned out to be another fifteen minutes. No problem. I called the staff to get the carpet cleaned up and closed the ladies' room to the public.

I then got supplies from a closet over the objections of a male worker who started yelling at me.  I yelled back at him that I had a patient in the ladies' room.  I took 20 towels, a box of gloves, some soap and paper towels.

So LONG story short, her husband came and I asked him to bring a clean set of clothes and shoes. She had me double bag her old clothes and toss them in the trash. As we waited, I gave her some perfume to brighten her day.

After changing her clothes, she gave me a big hug and both of our eyes are filled with tears as she said, "I got in the stall and said GOD who are you going to send because I can't leave here?"  We just laughed and hugged again. I shared my story with her of being a 55-year-old nurse and not being able to find work. She said, "Oh GOD sees and knows your heart. Notice how no one else came to help? God is with you."

As she left with her husband, she told me enjoy my stay and to look in the side pocket of my purse.  As I searched for my family, I reached into my side pocket and there was a new one hundred dollar bill.

I smiled and said, "Thank You, GOD!"

I told my 22-year-old daughter this incident is why you marry your best friend.

Love all you DO!


Nurse Pam

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