Nobody Wants To Grow Up
December 2, 2015
Nobody Wants To Grow Up

Hi Dr. Laura,

I am considered a millennial and I LOVED LOVED LOVED your topic yesterday. The topic was about how our generation are a bunch of sissys, essentially.

My husband and I are 31 and 28. We have been married for 3 years, had our first child this year, and never shacked up. Instead, we got married. We are a hard working team. We have our financials in order and purchased our first home this year; not many millennials can do that anymore.

It is very common to hear our peers complain and cry about how life is hard. They seem to set goals they never accomplish. With 30 right around the corner, life will soon be lonely. They never found anyone or they were too busy sleeping around, and afraid to commit. Nobody wants to grow up. The 20 - something year-old crowd are just older teenagers that can now purchase alcohol.

I am so glad you talked about this topic. It is reaffirmation that we are on the path we should be on. My husband and I have been ridiculed by our peers in the past for our traditional values, foundations, and focuses. However, we don't care. You reap what you sow! Thank you, Dr. Laura, for your daily words of wisdom.

Best Regards,


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM