A Shift In Attitude About Eating a Cookie
August 13, 2013
A Shift In Attitude About Eating a Cookie

Hi, Dr. Laura,

Something you said recently changed my life. It was about discipline. You said, in regards to not eating a cookie, for example, that most people look at it with the loss, pain, and deprivation of not having the cookie.  But you look at it as the joy and awesomeness of not eating the cookie. What is the joy and awesomeness of not eating the cookie? That your butt looks great and you can wear tight stretchy pants, climb ropes and mountains etc. What a difference a shift in attitude can make!
This makes perfect sense to me and it is actually very simple. I have been making really bad choices by eating junk. Eating junk makes me feel great at the moment I am in the physical act of eating it, but immediately after I realize that this is the reason I do not have a fit thin body that this is the reason my legs are fat, that this is the reason I cannot do many awesome physical things. So I have been looking at it as the pain of not having the cookie, but now I’m going to look at it as the awesomeness of not having the cookie because it will get me an awesome body, one in which I will be proud of wearing stretchy pants without putting a sweater around my waist to hide its wide shape. It is awesome not to eat the cookie! Think of all the clothes I will get to wear and all the physical things I will get to do!! This has really changed my life. I will now make a choice to be fit, thin, awesome, sexy and healthy! Thank you so much Dr. Laura for repeating what you always have said, but in a different way to really hit me in the head and go “Duh! It is totally my choice to be fat!”. My change in attitude and perspective changes now. Thank you once again.



P.s. I will keep you posted on my progress as my body changes to fit my new choices

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