Little Things Are Appreciated
December 18, 2019
Little Things Are Appreciated


I'm 26 and have been married since I was 21. Having been raised in a home where my parents listened to you every day, I grew up much more mature than my peers. I did get married very young but feel the decision I made was an educated one. Having a good example from my parents and from your show of how a healthy relationship should work has helped in the success of my marriage.

Generosity plays a huge role in how smoothly a marriage runs and it isn't how much money is spent on one person or another. Something as little as a thank you to your spouse for doing something can show that person how appreciated they are. I've found it's the little everyday things that may not seem like much but are the most important. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in March and I appreciate how much generosity he has shown me these past months. So I would say to every married couple:  show your spouse what you feel and you'd be surprised at what you might get back.  Thanks Dr. Laura for all your great advice and guidance!!

From the future "my kid's mom"




Posted by Staff at 2:01 AM